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LeisureLetics Summer Shoot: Behind the Scenes, Beyond the Surf

Posted on July 12 2017

LeisureLetics Summer Shoot: Behind the Scenes, Beyond the Surf


By Melissa Kandel


There's nothing quite like being at a LeisureLetics photo shoot against the backdrop of an epic summer sunset. At least that's what our crew discovered last week, on July 6, when we brought everyone down to a stretch of shoreline at the mouth of the Santa Ana River channel in Newport Beach and did some work. Usually, it's happy dogs and wave-hunting surfers that play along the semi-secluded, pet-friendly spot but on this sun-setting Thursday in July, our team took over and made it happen.


Leisureletics sunset newport beach chase mcnary and robby hayes


For the shoot, models @BigMaddie@MelodyBerenice@Ashpk and @AvaJaye wore the latest LeisureLetics styles, including our black-and-white marble yoga pants, which are the literal definition of fire, except they look like luxurious stone and feel outrageously comfortable, because leggings made of burning-hot material sound the opposite of fun or trendy. 


The models also sported sweet bracelets by @CadynandCharlie and beach-day-ready sunglasses by @sequin_sand. (Check out the shades and jewelry in our new subscription box, out now!) 


leisureletics subscription box chase mcnary


Of course, LeisureLetics Co-founder Chase McNary was on set and on camera in our men's joggers and classic LL tee ... although, as a bevy of adoring onlookers can attest, the shirt did eventually come off. Chase happily took pictures with his Newport fans and our shoot, led by photographers @JackRata and @SouthParallelMedia with LL Co-founder Nick Coromelas expertly on the light reflector, carried on. 


Chase Mcnary meeting some leisureletics fans


During our hours-long stay at the beach, a movie-perfect scene of turquoise, crashing waves and sky highlighted in all pastel tones of yellow and pink, videographer @PndaPete took time to film Chase for a new LL promo video. We can't say too much about what went cinematically down quite yet but we can tell you the video will be awesome and totally worth the wait. 


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As late-afternoon turned to early night, there was a drone, there was a dog, there was even a drone chased by a dog ... 


Dog chasing drone during photoshoot with Chase Mcnary


... And if we could've created an appropriate Snapchat filter to best illustrate the entire experience, it probably would've said something like, "Endless Summer" in a script-y font of shimmering gold. Instead, we'll just leave you with these gorgeously sunlit photos of Chase and our models in exclusive LL gear, photographic evidence of an unforgettable summer shoot.


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Melissa Kandel is the author of Southern California lifestyle blog, little word studio. You can follow her on Instagram here.


  • LeisureLetics: July 12, 2017


    You can expect a post at least once a week. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out. :D

    Thank you;

  • sara: July 12, 2017

    The LL Studio rock. I really enjoy it. How often are you posting?

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