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LeisureLetics Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes in Laguna Beach with Robby Hayes + Chase McNary

Posted on August 15 2017

Robby Hayes Bachelor In Paradise with cast of models

By Melissa Kandel

If you’ve ever stayed up late at night staring into the dark depths of your bedroom, wondering what it might be like to experience a LeisureLetics photo shoot, this post is for you. Right here, right now I’m spilling the details of our most recent LL photographic adventure so you’ll never have to worry again about experiencing that dreaded LL FOMO. (Hey, another great way not to miss out would be to sign up for our subscription box but I promotionally digress …)


The Baja-inspired shoot was aptly set in Laguna Beach, CA at the Pacific Edge Hotel, an upscale beachfront oasis with endless ocean views. At our perch overlooking the Pacific, whose peaks swelled to an unusually high six feet that day, the entire team gathered, hanging on the deck and inside rooms decorated with surf décor, trendy egg-shaped chairs and photo-ready succulents. All five LL partners were there—Chase McNaryRobby Hayes, Niko Coromelas, Michael Marachione and Sean McCarthy—along with models Natasha OverinAdrienne FinchCaitlin Stoner and Charlotte Elkan, and photographers Krizia .


Leisureletic poses


Fun fact: When you combine the total number of Insta followers from everyone involved with the shoot, you’d be at almost 800K peeps.

Of course, everyone was Snapping, IG story-ing and boomerang-ing the scene, as cameras captured our models in all the LL gear you want and need … our Hidden Message yoga pants, our Balanced Arrow sports bra, our customizable one-piece suits. 


Leisureletics Modeling in laguna beach

 Chase and Robby wore the LL men's vintage black crew neck tee and jogger pants, along with some soon-to-be released styles, and they were both giving off good vibes and sharing good news. Chase had just landed the cover of Modern Fitness Magazine, out now, and recently launched his fitness company, Left Side Lion Fitness, (LL is an official sponsor, btw). Robby talked about gearing up for his return to the national TV spotlight when Bachelor in Paradise 4 airs Aug. 14. (Obvi we've got the inside scoop on that, too.)


Robby Hayes and Chase McNary


The photogs also took some pics with the new items in the next LL subscription box but you'll just have to sign up to find out what's inside because I am not about that spoiler life.

And speaking of life, it was back to the real version of it once the cameras were packed up, clothes put away. Except when you’re hanging with team LL, real life is never a bad thing because you’re always just one set of yoga pants away from athleisure-wear paradise. And tacos.


Robby Hayes Bachelor In Paradise with Chase McNary and models


Melissa Kandel is a Newport Beach, CA-based writer, who runs lifestyle blog, little word studio. You can find her on Insta: @melissakandel.


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