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Four Shows to Binge Watch in Your LL Yoga Pants

Posted on October 16 2017

Best Tv shows to watch in yoga pants
By Melissa Kandel 

If you haven't had a chance to check out our LeisureLetics yoga pants then 1. What are you even doing right now? And 2. Go here

The cool thing you may not know about our yoga pants is that they're not only good for yoga (or working out at the gym, or any host of physical activities for which you want to look both cute and stylish), but they're also great for binge-watching TV shows!
As it happens, the fall season of television premieres is upon us and if you're looking for a few shows to watch until your eyeballs feel like they may turn to cruddy gobs of nothing then fall off your face (but your legs will feel great because you'll be wearing our comfy yoga pants), then here's a list for you:
1 - This is Us
A show that gives actual life to the phrase "all the feels," This is Us has been scientifically proven to result in the shedding of at LEAST four gallons of tears every time an episode is viewed. (I think the College of Binge Watching University proved that back in 2016.) Set both in the present and in the retro-ish 1980s, this time-hopping drama tells the story of the Pearson family, who are never short of tension, hostility, misadventure and of course, love. Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia play the Pearson parents with heart-warming perfection, and Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley and Sterling K. Brown star as three siblings (one adopted) whose stories and lives inextricably intertwine. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll be oh-so-glad you're wearing yoga pants because it'll be like they're giving tiny, spandex hugs to your legs every time this show lifts you up then gets you down. 

2 - Fuller House
While Season 2 of the Full House remake doesn't exactly win any awards for hyper-intelligent plot or ingenious characterization, it's still really, really campy and fun. The episodes are all less than 30 minutes long, so it's not a huge time commitment, and the first one starts out with a full-on musical ensemble number that is ridiculously cute. There's also a bit of a biological paradox running through this entire series because I am pretty sure Candace Cameron Bure is a wizard who does not age. 
3 - Eric & Jessie: Game On!
Wednesday nights have never been so full of romance or insane hotness. Girl-crush-worthy singer/songwriter/fashion designer Jessie James Decker and her hubby, NFL star (currently wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans) Eric Decker, are back on E! after a few years hiatus from reality TV. The couple prove they're just as in love as ever--they even have two adorable children now with another on the way--and the entire thing is just one big, awww-worthy #relationshipgoals extravaganza, kind of like wearing yoga pants around your heart. 

4 - Curb Your Enthusiasm
Larry David's still got it! The LOL-inducing first two episodes of Curb prove the curmudgeon-y comedic force behind Seinfeld hasn't lost any of his laugh-out-loud luster. The newest Curb iteration is expectedly inappropriate, inane and wrong in all the right ways. A must watch if you like funny. And who doesn't like funny?

What shows are you binge-watching in your LeisureLetics yoga pants this fall season? Share your fave TV picks with us in the comments below! 

// Melissa Kandel is a writer who lives in Newport Beach, CA. Find her walking her small dog, Austin, along the beach in her LL marble yoga pants (she is pretty friendly and will probably say hello) or just follow on Insta here: @melissakandel.


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