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Everything You Need to Know About September’s Subscription Box

By Melissa Kandel

If you think of LeisureLetics as the Taylor Swift of athleisure-wear companies, then this post is our cryptic snake video … except we won’t make you wait long to reveal what’s up.

We’re finally spilling all the deets about September’s subscription box, which has been signed, sealed and delivered to some very lucky LL members around the country. And if you’re reading this post wondering what exactly was inside that matte-black LL package, here’s what the box, valued at $156.99, contained …

GoLive Probiotics + Prebiotic Enhanced Beverages

These beverages, as explained on the GoLive site, “contain a complex blend of human-commensurate probiotic strains, coupled with a variety of prebiotic organic sugars and prebiotic soluble fibers.” In other words, they’ve got all the good stuff your body needs and taste delicious. Plus, Chase said he’s stoked to have GoLive in our box, so you should be, too.



Health-Ade Kombucha

Fun fact: This company was launched by three entrepreneurs who sat at a table, put down a few hundred dollar bills, and decided to create a product that grows hair.  A few happy accidents later and the hair thing was ditched; Health-Ade Kombucha was born. Our team is super glad the whole Kombucha thing worked out because 1. The fizzy, probiotic tea that resulted from this hair-loss-experiment gone awry is BOMB and 2. It’s also included in our box.


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White Girl Sunscreen

Ditch the generic, goopy sunscreen because the White Girl Sunscreen inside our September subscription box is about to become your new go-to. This isn’t just any SPF 30 to slather on your skin before you hit the beach for some last-minute summer sunshine, White Girl Sunscreen is a way to protect while giving back. A portion of the proceeds from every pouch sold goes to the Melanoma Research Foundation to support ongoing projects. With a mission to “bring sun care to babes of all backgrounds,” White Girl Sunscreen is so much better than that peeling, itchy burn.


white girl sunscreen


When did we make it a rule that toes can’t wiggle freely inside socks? That’s the question the ToeSox team asked when they created these comfy numbers that support the natural movement of your little piggies. Wear ToeSox during yoga practice, for barre class, at Pilates, on a bad first date, on an awesome first date, while watching the finale of Bachelor in Paradise … happy toes, happy life.



Lorissa’s Kitchen

“It’s not always convenient to be healthy,” says Lorissa of Lorissa’s Kitchen, a simple-is-best company making four varieties of premium beef, chicken and steak strips. With a mission to deliver salubrious (yes, I thesaurus.com-ed “healthy”) snacks, there’s no excuse not to eat right when you’ve got some of Lorissa’s no-preservative, gluten-free treats to munch on.

Robby Hayes with beef jerky

Boho Luxe Jewelry

We’re not saying you should wear a trendy Boho Luxe necklace to the gym but we’re also NOT not saying it, either. Boho Luxe Jewelry, inspired by nature, is as fluid and singular as the natural elements that inspire it. Make a statement literally anywhere with these one-of-a-kind pieces that look just as good with a mini dress as they do with ohhhh say, white marble yoga pants

Boho lux

Cool stuff, right? Also, it’s not too late to have these beautiful babies arrive right at your front door. Use code “newmember” to get 20% off your subscription!

Melissa is a writer living in Newport Beach. Check out her more of her words at littlewordstudio.com and give her an IG follow: @melissakandel.


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